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Sunday, June 5, 2011

IMPLEMENTATION OF RELOCATION LOADER:implement relocation loader using C- Program.


Aim: To implement relocation loader using C- Program.


  1. Enter new starting location to which object code has to be relocated.
  2. Read the content of the input file as strings one at a time in an array input.
  3. Transfer the string read in array “input” into another array “output” until it is incremented.
  4. Move consecutive next 3 strings into array “output”.
  5. Cover current relocation  bit associated with each text record to binary form.
  6. Make necessary changes in corresponding words of object code  and store the updated object code into array “output”.
  7. Move object code for which corresponding relocation bit is not set directly to the array “output” from array “input” without any change.
  8. Repeat step 2 to 8 until end record is encountered.
  9. If  the object code is in character from convert into internal hexadecimal representation .
  10. Move object code to specified location in memory.
  11. write starting LOCCTR value of block of object code and the corresponding internal hexadecimal representative to the output files.


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