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Friday, April 1, 2011



1.Problem Statement

Student marks analyzing system has to be developed for analyzing obtained by the students who scored in Semester Examination The System should provide following functionalities
1. The System obtains following information’s from the faculty generates report Roll No, Name, Department, Semester, Marks obtained in each subject.
2. The total for each student should be calculated and ranked based on total and pass in all the subject appeared.
3. The Final report should display rank, percentage, Class, Pass/Fail Status for each student.
4. The report should also contain information about no of students passed, failed, list of students who got more than 60% in each subject, overall list of students who got >=60%

2. Login

2.1Brief Description

The use case describes how Faculty logs into the Student Marks Analyzing System.

2.2 Flow of Events

2.2.1 Basic Flow

This use case starts when the Faculty wishes to Login to the Student Marks Analyzing
1. The System requests that the Faculty enter his/her name and password
2. The Faculty enters his/her name and password
3. The System validates the entered name and password and logs the Faculty into the System

2.2.2 Alternative Flows
Invalid Name/Password
If, in the Basic flow, the Faculty enters an invalid name and/or password, the system displays an error message. The Faculty chooses to either return to the beginning of the Basic flow or cancel the login, at which point the use case ends.

2.3Special Requirements





If the use case was successful, the Faculty is now logged into the system. If not, the system State is unchanged.

2.6Extension Points


3. Enter Marks for each Student

3.1Brief Description

The Faculty uses this usecase to enter marks for each student.

3.2 Flow of Events

3.2.1 Basic flow

The Faculty uses this usecase to enter marks for each student. The faculty enters the following details namely Roll No, Student Name, Department, Marks for each student.

3.2.2 Alternative Flows

If faculty not entered any details or invalid marks then gives error Message

3.3 Special Requirements



The Faculty must logged into the system


If this Use case was successful, Student Mark Analysis Report will be generated for
the Student.

3.6Extension Points


4.View Report

4.1Brief Description

The Faculty or Student uses this usecase to Student Mark Analyzing Report.

4.2 Flow of Events

4.2.1Basic flow

The Actor uses this usecase view the Report .The report contains the following details Namely Roll No, Student Name, Marks in each subject, total, class, Pass/Fail Status, No of subjects failed, Rank.
Apart from this there is a separate report Overall Pass percentage of class, No of students cleared in First class, Overall Top 3 persons of the class.
4.2.2. Alternative Flows
If the Marks is not entered for all the students the use case will ask the faculty to the enter the marks.

4.3Special Requirements



The Faculty must entered marks for all the students in a class.



4.6Extension Points



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