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Friday, April 1, 2011




The glossary contains the working definitions for the key concepts in online ticket Reservation System


Ticket issued to the Passenger.

Train List

List of trains passing through Stations along with arrival and departure time

Train Status

Status of availability of tickets on a particular train on dates specified

Ticket Booking System

The System, which takes care of ticket reservation


Information about the Passenger reserved the ticket.


Online Ticket Reservation System Supplementary Specification

1. Objectives

The purpose of this document is to define requirements of the Online Ticket
Reservation System This Supplementary Specification lists the requirements that are
not readily captured in the use cases of the use case model. The Supplementary Specifications and the use-case model together capture a complete set of requirements on the system.

2. Scope

This Supplementary Specification applies to the, which Online Ticket Reservation System will be developed by the OOAD students. This Specification defines the non-functional requirements of the system; such as
reliability, usability, performance, and supportability, an as well as functional requirement that is common across a number of use cases.

3. References


4. Functionality

Multiple users must be able to perform their work concurrently If the no of tickets available in a train is reserved the then ticket issued to passenger should be notified.

5. Usability

The desktop user-interface shall be Windows 95/98/2000/xp compliant.

6. Reliability

The System shall be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with no more than 10%
down time.

7. Performance

a) The System shall support up to n number of simultaneous users against the central database at any given time and up to 1000 simultaneous users against the local Servers at any one time.
b) The System must be able to complete 80% of all transactions within 2 minutes.

8. Supportability



1.The System should secure so that intruders or hackers can’t cancel ticket issued to one passenger.
2.Once the participant had answered for a question he/she can’t change the answer later.

10. Design Constraints.

The system shall provide a window-based desktop interface.

 Use case diagram for Online Ticket Reservation :



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