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Sunday, March 13, 2011


The objective of this project is to provide opportunity for the students to implement their skills acquired in the previous semesters to practical problems.
The students in convenient groups of not more than 4 members have to take one small item for design and fabrication. Every project work shall have a guide who is the member of the faculty of the institution.

The item chosen may be small machine elements (Example-screw jack, coupling, machine vice, cam and follower, governor etc), attachment to machine tools, tooling (jigs, fixtures etc), small gear box, automotive appliances, agricultural implements, simple heat exchangers, small pumps, hydraulic /pneumatic devices etc.

The students are required to design and fabricate the chosen item in the college and demonstrate its working apart from submitting the project report. The report should contain assembly drawing, parts drawings, process charts relating to fabrication.


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