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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Understanding the Components of the mother Board
Understanding the  different Physical Media and Network Devices
Unix Network commands
Program to implement Message Queues
Configuring network  in Windows and  Linux

Implementation of address conversion routines
Program to obtain the local & remote socket address.
Program to manipulate IP address and test its characteristics
Program to obtain information about
(A) Host (B) Network (C) Protocols (D) Domains
Program to create TCP Sockets for sending and receiving data.
Program to create UDP Sockets for sending and receiving data.
Program to implement a chat server using TCP/IP protocol.
Program to implement FTP
Simulation of Sliding Window Protocol
Simulation of Routing Protocols
Implementation of RPC
Implementation of DNS
Implementation of HTTP
Implementation of E – mail
Implementation of Multi-user Chat
Program to create sockets for handling multiple connections
Perform socket programming using java
Program to trace the port of a particular host
Ping program


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