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Wednesday, March 30, 2011



To determine the impact strength of the given specimen by conducting Izod impact test.

Apparatus and specimen required:

  1. Impact testing machine with attachment for Izod test.
  2. Given specimen
  3. Vernier caliper
  4. Scale.

  1. Measure the length (l), breadth (b), & depth (d) of the given specimen.
  2. Measure the position of notch (i.e. groove) from one end (lg), depth of groove (dg) and top width of the groove (wg) in the given specimen.
  3. Lift the pendulum and keep it in the position meant for charpy Izod test.
  4. Adjust the pointer to coincide with initial position (i.e. maximum value) in the izod scale.
  5. Release the pendulum using the lever and note down the initial reading in the izod scale.
  6. Repeat the step 3 and 4.
  7. Place the specimen vertically upwards such that the shorter distance between one end of the specimen and groove will be protruding length and also the groove in the specimen should face the striking end of the hammer.
  8. Release the pendulum again using the lever and note down the final reading in the izod scale.
  9. Find the impact strength of the given specimen by using the following relation:
Impact strength = (Final izod scale reading – Initial izod scale reading)

The impact strength of the given specimen is --------- Kg.m


1. Material of the given specimen                   =
2. Type of notch (i.e. groove)                         =
3. Length of the specimen, l                           =                        mm
4. Breadth of the specimen, b                         =                        mm
5. Depth of the specimen, d                            =                        mm
6. Position of groove from one end, (lg)         =                        mm
7. Depth of groove (dg)                                   =                        mm
8. Width of groove (wg)                                  =                        mm
9. Initial charpy scale reading                         =                         kg.m
10. Final charpy scale reading             =                         kg.m


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