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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

EC2356 Anna University Lab manual download for all experiments Computer Networks Lab


1.   Study of Simulation using tools.
2.   Study of Synthesis tools.
3.   Place and Root and Back annotation for FPGAs.
4.   Basic logic gates
5.   Half adder and full adder
6.   Half Subtractor and full Subtractor, 4 bit multipliers, 4 bit adder
7.   Encoder and decoder
8.   Multiplexer and demultiplexer
9.   Flip-Flops, PRBS generators, accumulators

10. Counters
11. Registers
12. Design of a 10 bit number controlled oscillator
12. Traffic light controller
13. Realtime Clock(displays hrs ,mins,secs)
14. Serial adder
15. Parallel Pipelined adder/Subtractor
16. Parallel Pipeline adder

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